You define the problem.
We solve it using
  • Data.
  • Deep Learning.
  • Design.
  • Data.

Innovate the way you design products with the first generative design software powered by deep learning.

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Deep Generative Design

GENERATE with Deep Learning

Explore all the possible designs and discover new innovative ideas beyond your experience and knowledge. Generate designs that are proven to have high engineering performance and aesthetically pleasing. Get inspired!

Generated designs

EVALUATE with Deep Learning

Predict the performance of a vast number of designs and verify the engineering feasibility in real-time. Evaluate engineering performance, manufacturability, and novelty. Save time!

OPTIMIZE with Deep Learning

Find the best design that satisfies your target performance and constraints in real-time. Solve multidisciplinary and multi-objective design optimization problems. Maximize quality!

Optimize your design


Continuous 3D Design Representation

  • Design Exploration: Learn from heterogeneous 3D design data and explore new designs continuously in 3D space
  • Design Interpolation: Combine different 3D designs to create new designs
  • Design Optimization: Optimize 3D topology and shapes using continuous design variables

Real-Time Design Decision Making

  • Real time design decision: Get the design insights you need in real-time with the automated serial/iterative design process using deep learning
  • Real-time prediction: Predict the performance of newly designed geometries without simulation
  • Real-time optimization: Find the best design that matches the performance goals that you have set

Data-driven Integration Platform

  • Build design system with your existing CAD, simulation and test data, and update it with future data
  • Seamless integration with CAD/CAE software you use
  • Multidisciplinary design optimization for complex and wide range of performance metrics

Design for Market Systems

  • Forecast market demands using deep learning on customer preference
  • Use our online platform to collect your customers' design preference data
  • Find the best design that is balanced between engineering performance, design aesthetic and production cost


Enhance Creativity

Get data-driven insights and explore new innovative designs. Expand your creativity beyond your previous experience.

Improve Productivity

No need to hire experts. Anyone can do optimal design. AI will do all the complex modeling, analysis, and optimization for you.

Reduce Time and Cost

Reduce your product development time by automating repetitive and sequential design process using AI. Spend your time where it really matters.

Collaborate Efficiently

Collaborate with designers, marketers, engineers and business experts easily and efficiently to make the best comprehensive decision.

Case Studies

Narnia Labs has been working with industry leading companies to solve their design problems.

About Narnia Labs

A spinoff from Smart Design Lab at KAIST,
Narnia Labs is creating a new design paradigm in the post-AI era.

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